Our Approach

Our approach is pragmatic, creative, and entrepreneurial.  We target our efforts and resources toward organizations that attend to the needs of the current generation, while recognizing the importance of opportunities for future generations. We remain mindful of the economic, human, short and long-term, social and environmental impact of our initiatives. We support the process of evaluation in each step of the program cycle to ensure the intended impact is achieved.

We make certain that our programs have an exit strategy and do not cause harm by creating dependence, a victim mentality, or a bureaucratic mess; they are mindfully designed to be resilient and sustainable. We get the “work at hand” done through collaboration with good, honest, committed, compassionate, hard-working, happy people who exhibit virtue and ethical behavior in their implementation process.


      Assist donors in identifying and supporting sustainable projects that have a positive impact economically, socially, and environmentally.

      Assist others in defining their own path toward sustainability.

      Provide opportunities for volunteers to engage in communities through sustainable projects.

      Create programs that align with our mission.

      Help social entrepreneurs nurture their ideas for the benefit of all.

      Collaborate and partner with existing organizations that share our vision.

      Use the collective skills of our board and volunteers to enhance our collaborations with our partner organizations and social champions.