We believe in supporting champions who create sustainable improvements in the livelihoods of those in need.


Utopia may never be fully realized - but in the "striving for" we get closer to harmony.

“Sincerely, it seems that young mothers and young families have little voice in our world. We wait to see who turned out well and then lavish education, jobs and resources on those who make it. As a society, we don’t place a strong emphasis on creating strong, vital, relevant, sustainable communities that look to the future by emphasizing the physical, emotional, relational, intellectual and spiritual needs of our future generations. Children are the future. IQ or intelligence alone does not solve the world’s problems or create a peaceful world. Kind, compassionate, loving people, infused with knowledge and wisdom, will foster a world where everyone can feel safe, loved, happy and optimistic about the future. It’s about feelings, too. It is not about giving lip service to the children’s needs. It’s about giving real resources (love, time, talent and treasure) and intentionally treating each child, no matter what their status, where they live, who their parents are, as equal in importance to other children. “
— Paul H. Sutherland


Children are at the core of our mission as the pivotal generation of change for good in the world. Our approach is holistic, as all aspects of community health - from food availability to waste management, to economic development and access to energy and technology - must be addressed in this mission.



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