Young Peacebuilders mission is to help children and youth become more effective peacebuilders. Children and youth encounter many roadblocks hindering their peacebuilding potential. Young Peacebuilders works to remove these roadblocks and build bridges strengthening their peacebuilding capacity. Young Peacebuilders nurture environments where young people's peacebuilding potential is maximized, by developing quality child and youth peacebuilding tools, projects, research, and partnerships. Young Peacebuilders works directly with young people, empowering them to wage peace locally and abroad through child and youth peacebuilding clubs, and helps other organizations equip young people as effective peacebuilders worldwide.


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Young Peacebuilders has established dozens of YPCs in USA, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Liberia, and India. YPCs are clubs organized by a group of committed young people in their schools, faith-based communities, or other spaces where they meet regularly. They engage they learn about peacebuilding and violence and then work with peers and adult supporters to create projects that build peace and transform conflict in their communities and around the world. These child and youth – led clubs have a direct positive impact on their community while furthering Young Peacebuilders global mission. The Young Peacebuilders team supports YPC members as they continually increase their capacity to design, deliver, and evaluate peacebuilding projects of increasing scope and impact.


Your donation helps support Young Peacebuilders work in waging peace with young people around the world. Please us help support young people’s efforts to wage peace in their communities and worldwide!

Learn more about Young Peacebuilders at

Learn more about Young Peacebuilders at