Uganda Lodge

Uganda Lodge

At Uganda Lodge, the school is now up and running, which provides an affordable education for 500+ local children. Each child pays a nominal amount; however, this does not cover the day-to-day costs of managing the school, providing free porridge or subsidised lunches, or necessary reading books, textbooks or other educational materials. The shortfall must be met each month.

Since setting up the nursery and primary school, we have realised that although this is a huge step forward, most of the children leaving primary education are not able to attend senior school and, as a result, have very limited prospects for supporting themselves and their future families.

There is a real need for vocational and business skills training to avoid the boys drifting into the cities away from their villages chasing non-existent jobs, and the girls from early pregnancy and marriage.

We have started this project and are offering tailoring and hairdressing classes, but desperately need funds to expand to be able to provide a wider range of skills.

We are partway through building a training restaurant, which we hope would eventually become self-funding. We need to raise an additional $25,000 to complete this project and provide these youngsters with a better future. Your support brings us every step closer to these goals.