St. Mark’s Children’s Home and Orphanage in Usa River, Tanzania provides over 100 orphaned children with shelter, food, and education. Friends-Who-Care is a U.S. based organization that connected with St. Mark’s through Tanzanian tourism and is now partnering with Utopia Foundation to help provide the children of St. Marks with a brighter future. With seventy percent of the citizens in Tanzania living on less than $1 a day, and no free public education, most children have no chance to receive an education.  Our fundraising efforts focus on providing educational opportunities to 76 school-aged children.

Director Robert Marks Moshi was St. Mark’s first orphan.  Adopted at birth, he had a life completely different than most children of Tanzania. His adoptive parents, both medical professionals, were the founders of the children’s home. Mr. Marks Moshi was educated throughout his life and even achieved several advanced degrees.  He is the ultimate “pay it forward” example.  He now dedicates his life to his fellow orphans by running the home and dreams of great futures for them. He believes education is the key to these children having a better life.

Current Activities

  • Friends-Who-Care makes it possible for 14 of the orphaned students to attend boarding school, which alleviates the financial responsibility to feed and clothe them at the orphanage
  • We have also funded children to attend the “go and come home again” school
  • St. Mark’s Children’s Home and Orphanage is in rural Tanzania and transportation is also a challenge. Friends Who Care makes it possible for children to reach the school.

Take Action

One child at a time. Our hands are helping.  And with the help from you and Utopia Foundation, our hands are even stronger.