Started by one of our inspiring champions, Pushpa Basnet, the ECDC/Butterfly Home gives Nepalese children, who would otherwise be forced to live in prison, a chance for a bright future. In Nepal there are very few childrens’ homes, and incarcerated mothers must choose between bringing their child to live with them in prison or sending them to the street. Pushpa Basnet started a day-care and residential program in Kathmandu, Nepal to provide education, food medical care, and a home to the 50+ children she adopted out of prison. Pushpa also runs a program that teaches the incarcerated mothers how to create handicrafts, a skill they can use once they are released.

A permanent home for the children, called the Butterfly House, was in construction and almost complete when the 7.8 magnitude earthquakes of April 15, 2015 caused a huge setback on so many fronts including construction. We are happy to report that with the amazing concerted efforts of many people who donated, The ECDC Butterfly House was completed early 2016 and all of the kids now are living there, enjoying the security and wholesomeness that a permanent house can bring. This has been an amazing accomplishment and yet, there is still much to be done to support Pushpa, her staff and kids in terms of medical supplies, food, clothing and education. 

Pushpa's next big idea is to build a Hostel next to the Butterfly Home for volunteers to stay when they visit. 

In 2012, CNN named Pushpa their Hero of the Year for her passionate and inspiring work developing the ECDC/Butterfly Home. Watch CNN's segment on Pushpa below, or view their coverage here.

To learn more about ECDC/the Butterfly Home, go to To help provide necessities to the children and assist the rebuilding of the Butterfly House, click below to donate.