Girls at Glory Value Boarding School Carry Message of Core Values To Change Kenya

Utopia’s latest partnership is with another of our amazing champions, educational reformer Priscilla Were. Were operates the Glory Value School in the western part of Kenya, a residential boarding school serving girls from under-privileged communities. After becoming headmaster in 2011, Were instituted a unique values-based, rather than rules-based, model of education. This system of accountability to oneself and others aims to not only improve the educational achievement level of each girl but also instill the values, such as integrity, love, and honesty, necessary to heal Kenyan society as a whole.

In just 4 years, Priscilla’s unique model of education has launched the school into the top ten of school rankings in Kenya and improved the grade point averages from an average of 2+/12 to an average of 7.4/12.  We were struck by Were’s unfaltering dedication to improving the lives of her students and Kenya as a whole in her moving presentation at the 2015 TED-X Traverse City Conference. Utopia Foundation is working to partner with local Michigan schools to start a campaign to raise the funds necessary to pay the yearly tuition of $1,000 for 100 new girls to begin attending the Glory Value School.

To learn more about the school, visit https://gloryvalueschool.wordpress.com/. To provide a girl the chance to attend, donate below.