Maggie Sprattmoran

Maggie has worked with families and their young children for 35 years. For 27 years, Maggie was the Executive Director of the award winning Leelanau Children’s Center. She was the founder, and remains director of, Leelanau Parenting Communities, another award winning community development endeavor.

Maggie believes that we need to aim high, to raise awareness and expect meaningful engagement about the very sacred core of our community: our families.

Maggie has served on a number of Boards. She is currently the Social Action chair and sits on the Executive Committee of the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health. She is also a founding member of the Leelanau County Family Coordinating Council, the Leelanau Early Childhood Development Commission, and the newly forming Traverse Bay Area Child Welfare Continuum.

Maggie has lived across the US, in Europe, has enjoyed a fair bit of travel, and at the same time is grounded by deep family roots in Leelanau County, where she has lived for 28 years.
Maggie is mother of two fabulous daughters, sister to a wonderful sister, daughter of a magnificent mother, cousin of a huge extended family, friend of people who inspire her daily, an honorary member of a dog pack and seeks to live in harmony with this amazing world that graces her life.

MS: Counseling Education (Western Michigan University)

Mentor: (level IV) endorsed by the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health

MA: Human Growth and Development (High/Scope Research Foundation/Pacific Oaks College)

BA: Human Growth and Development (Evergreen State College)

Maggie’s career has been devoted to excellent community stewardship.